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Finally got professional images back from Kimberly Yatsko and Ryan Castro from the RAWartists Fashion show 6/5/14 ft. Ana Guerro’s “Amanda Wolfe Designs”

©Ryan Castro Photography

©Kimberly Yatsko Photography

Just some more images of the backstreetboys at The Forum, Inglewood, CA 5/29/14 ©Melodramatik Photography 2014 (photos taken when I was on stage were taken by Christine Waite)

backstreetboys at @theforumLA 5/29/14 ©Melodramatik Photography 2014 (more images coming soon)

April Updates

Just last night I updated the official site with a social media feed, runway videos, new portfolio, published and runway images in my modeling section of the website.

I also must bore you with a shameless plug of my Facebook page and Group, Instagram feed, Twitter and Pheed page!

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And the award for best and worst dressed goes to…

Well, after much deliberation and talks with friends who took in last nights Academy Awards, I have to say that my pick of the best dressed has to be Pink and that fantastic red Elie Saab gown! It covered all the proper spots, showed off where it needed to and was belted properly at the waist….kind of like her beautiful performance, right?

On the red carpet, I noticed a trend of blues, greys, creams, golds, few whites, shades of red and the ever popular go-to, black.

I didn’t think Amy Adams deep blue fit. For her lovely red hair, the blue would work but there was something about this particular shade that was just a slight off. I also feel that the body of the dress wasn’t properly proportioned to her upper frame. Unfortunate because a good cut could have surpassed that color any day!

Everyone (including me) has been raving about that beautiful baby blue Prada that Lupita Nuyong’o was wearing….until a friend pointed out the ill-fitting fabric. The cut was great, the length perfect, the color impeccable! But my friend has a point…”she looks like a boy wearing a dress for the first time!”. Unfortunately, dear Lupita has little to speak of boob wise (can I say boob on Tumblr?) and it made for a boyish look in some respects. After considering this, I’m sorry but I have to pull Lupita down to a 2 of my top 3 fashions of the night. Still love it so I can’t really take it away but knowing what I know now, I can’t honestly give her 100% as I did previously.

Third on my list of best dressed goes to the Wicked(ly) beautiful, Kristin Chenoweth! That gold Roberto Cavilli couture was Oscar perfect! And with her adorable hair style, she looked like the sister to Oscar because she just shined so brightly last night!

Ranking at number two overall was that pixie outlaw, Jennifer Lawrence, best know as JLaw. She may have tripped coming out of her car and onto the red carpet but she certainly carried it off with grace. The red Dior gown wasn’t a true red but it was the right shade to play off her airbrush tan skin and hi/low lite blonde hair.

Now, let’s talk boys! The men of the night were graced in cream suits, deep blues and the always fashionable black tie.

You know by now how I feel about Pharrell’s independent look with those suit shorts! It’s the OSCARS, please oh please dress accordingly! He can pull that off at the Peoples
Choice, Grammy’s or LAFW….Now is not the time to make a bold statement in such an unflattering way. Unless he was trying to get on that ugly duckling list that Bjork got onto back in the late 90s-early 00s.

There were two leading men for me last night and both brought their mommies to the awards! These mommas boys know how to dress because of the beautiful women on their arms, I’m sure!
Jared Letto and Matthew McConaughey took home Oscar gold and got gold stars from me for those fabulous cream suits! Matthew opted for some black accents and Loubiuton shoes where Jared went chic casual with a red bow tie. Could we fawn over these two any more? They love their mothers and they know how to dress up and keep their own style (Pharrell, takes note).

Lastly, I must take a moment and discuss the couples of the night. Sorry to burst your bubbles, folks! I know many were hoping I would choose the king and queen of Hollywood but honestly….we KNOW Brad and Angelina can dress for success, it’s always refreshing to see other actors and actresses do the same right?
Brad, let’s talk grooming. At first, I wasn’t so sure of this new hair do…badass and sharp combined? Yes!! It works. Now, it may not work on everyone but it does fit Brad very well. Angelina, what can I say? That embellished Elie Saab was just perfection! You two can do no wrong. Much love, Brangelina, but I have to give the best dressed couple to Matthew McConeughy and Camille Alves. I already spoke highly of Matthew’s Dolce & Gabanna duds, but what of Camille’s pretty in pink Gabriela Cadena gown? She just looked so poised and professional, as well as a women present to cheer her husband on. Okay, so maybe they are just the cutest couple ever…designer couture or not!

Well, that’s all I have for you this year. Until next year, everyone, keep red carpet ready!

MJ Talks Oscars 2014 

Well, that wraps up Oscars 2014.

I think the Academy got it right for the most part, however, I must ask the Academy to reconsider their choice of Best Actress. Cate Blanchett is a lovely woman and a great actress, however Sandra Bullock pulled off the majority of the film, Gravity, in a one act monologue.
The intensity of both films definitely kept us guessing as to who will win!

As for best film, 12 Years a Slave was certainly a film that can relate to history as well as present! A beautiful film, a beautiful story and a blessed win for sure! Being the Sandra Bullock fan that I am, I admit rooting for Gravity but after careful consideration, I understand why the Academy chose 12 Years a Slave. Good job to the Academy and congrats again to this years winners and nominations.

Look out tomorrow for my fashion blog about all the red carpet flops, drops and fabulousness!!

Thank you, @scooterphotog, for the feature on your Tumblr page!! http://it-gets-better—

Thank you, @scooterphotog, for the feature on your Tumblr page!! http://it-gets-better—

First cover and catalog, thanks to jchansdesigns and Jessica Rowell, designer and stylist. Photography by Philip’e

First cover and catalog, thanks to jchansdesigns and Jessica Rowell, designer and stylist. Photography by Philip’e