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Show ‘em what you’re made of

My review of backstreetboys film
By Melodye Joy, creative writer

In order to show ‘em what you’re made of, they first need to understand where you came from.

Tonight I participated in the screening of Backstreet Boys’ first full length documentary film, directed by Steven Kajik. Now, before you ask me who would take the time to bother making a film about some boy band, let me enlighten you from a journalist perspective.

You know the saying, “anything worth doing is worth doing wholeheartedly”? This defines what the film was all about. The documentary follows Kevin Richardson, Howie D, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Nick Carter on a journey into their past and present. Individual homecomings were seen throughout the film, giving fans and entertainment personnel insight into who the hell these five “white boys” or “New Kids knockoffs” were. Emotions ran high as we journeyed home with each band member, visiting the homes they grew up in, the schools they attended and the home of their first manager, the infamous Lou Pearlman.
The show had comical moments as well as moments of tears and frustration, individually as well as throughout the group. It had anything a typical film is expected to have. The only variation is that this film took us on a journey with these five boys, now men. Twenty years of music, twenty years of ups, downs and days that never ended. Twenty years of fans established from free high school performances to big old arenas throughout the world. What the Backstreet Boys did as performers was inspire not only each other but their fans, friends and family alike. This film shows just how Backstreet Boys can inspire anyone who feels like if they haven’t made it, they never will. Taking risks and betting on your talents even when you have doubt. The film also reminds us that these Boys are just that, boys. They are nothing less than human, they are flawed and gifted with talent, just like any of us.

In order to show ‘em what you’re made of, you must first show ‘em where you’re from, and Backstreet Boys did just that.

Updates, updates and more

Updates! 😋

As you can see, I have been busy behind the camera the last couple of weeks.

7/26 Disneyland and DCA shows

8/2 Matt Ryan King, This Boy, That Girl and Aaron Carter

8/3 Grilled Cheese Soundwich

I do have some modeling images to load later, as well as two possible editorials coming out soon!

Look out for some BTS of an editorial ft. Amanda Wolfe designs and Daniel James Ryan Photography near the end of the month as well. 😇

Not to mention, I have been back at writing.
So much going on and I have yet to stop! #excited #blessed

Grilled Cheese Soundwich at Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach, CA 8/3/14. ©Melodramatik Photography

AaronCarter performing 8/2/14 at M15, Corona, CA. Images ©Melodramatik Photography

@mattryanking and @tbtgmusic performing at Corona’s M15 Bar and Grill, 8/2/14. ©Melodramatik Photography

The adventures at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure for July 2014. All images ©Melodramatik Photography

Teaser: Lessons

"She stepped out of the shower and as her feet hit the cold porcelain, her mind wandered to the events that led up to that moment"….

Yes, I have started writing fiction again. Haven’t done so in many years, so hopefully it comes out alright :)

Two chapters in and what I have shown to close friends seems to be well received. Look out for “Lessons” soon!

Finally got professional images back from Kimberly Yatsko and Ryan Castro from the RAWartists Fashion show 6/5/14 ft. Ana Guerro’s “Amanda Wolfe Designs”

©Ryan Castro Photography

©Kimberly Yatsko Photography